What Happens when children become aware of the need for Environmental Care


When children are aware of the need for environmental care

They will want to learn about the solutions for the problems we have here

and make great contributions so problems will disappear

And now there are eco-kids eBooks that adults can borrow and share


Photo by mentatdgt on Pexels.com

Building environmental protection awareness in a new and better way is more important now

As the climate emergency won’t go away if we don’t change what we are doing somehow

Teaching children about environmental care could cause the adults to make changes too

If we want to continue living on earth, we need to change what we do

Children can start reusing plastic in many ways

And start planning to see brighter days

They can start putting plastic in the recycling bin

And talk about reusing glass, cardboard and tins

If we want to stop eating food that…

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