Project “Weekly Photo Challenge” # 35 “Colorful” – Seniors around the world

The topic of Royusch-unterwegs Fotochallenge # 35 – colorful this time is “colorful”. In addition, there are immediately beautiful colorful pictures of the warm colors of autumn leaves. Since there are already many autumn pictures in my previous post about the Golden October in Cologne, I chose a different picture with bright colors. The photo shows the brightly colored colors in the winter prayer hall of the Nasir-ol-Molk mosque in Shiraz, which are projected onto the carpet of the hall in the morning by the colorful glass panes. We were in Iran in 2019, just at a time when you could travel there reasonably easily. Due to the uncertain political situation, only a few tourists were there, but in the winter prayer hall, just like in other religious sites, the more friendly Iranians gathered… Select link to continue… Source: Project “Weekly Photo Challenge” # 35 “Colorful” – Seniors around the world