VaYera, and advocating for others

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     So, this week’s parashah is Parashat VaYera, literally “And he appeared” to Abraham.  This week’s parashah contains the famous bargaining session for the lives of people who lived in the two cities least known for hospitality.  

   But what about folks with no one to stand up for them, no one willing to speak for them, especially kids?  How do we protect children who have no one to properly care for them, let alone family?

What would you do, and how would you solve this thorny problem of protecting kids, not to mention vulnerable adults, Thoughtful Readers?

Would you flee the danger, sensibly, if a powerful being were threatening a smaller one, someone you did not know?  Or would you stand with that stranger, not knowing whether you would be punished, too, for offering your help? 

Is this the same as what Abraham did for the cities of the…

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