Turiya and RamaKrishna: Who Are You?- ११


Nara commentates …

First called is Svante, a
little five year old sannyas aspirant, 
and subodhi, his mother. 
Ramakrishna tells him to shut his eyes
which he does, instantly, with 
full obedience, tight and 
very still, the little pouches straining
to do just right. 
His knees are held by
two chubby-small intentful hands. 
We all look
with breathless stillness
surrounding an open rose as the 
little swami emerges, 
Little Anando. 

: ँ :

Last seven days were work but nights kept leading me to the milk mountains. Full moon i.e the sharad purnima of October, kept revealing magic on one condition. That I must not close my eyes. 

If I observe a graph of my inner self, it has been nothing less than hydrogen working its way towards the biggest star. Slowly but so intense, that being a writer becomes a curse because I cannot explain it. 

: ँ :

In Omkareshwar…

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