Florida Surgeon General Refuses to Don Mask in Cancer-Suffering Senator’s Office

When Florida’s new surgeon general met with a state senator this week, he was seeking her vote for his confirmation. She ended up ejecting him from her office. Joseph Ladapo, an erstwhile proponent of hydroxychloroquine appointed by Gov. Ron DeSantis, refused to cover his face at Tina Polsky’s request. Polsky was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer in August and is slated to start radiation next week, so Ladapo’s refusal made her “really uncomfortable,” she said.

The surgeon general has questioned the efficacy of coronavirus vaccines. When Polsky asked Ladapo whether there was a reason he couldn’t wear a mask, “He just smiles and doesn’t answer. He’s very smug,” she said. “And I told him several times, ‘I have this very serious medical condition.’ And he said, ‘That’s OK,’ like it basically has nothing to do with what we are talking about.” Polsky asked that Ladapo leave, and he agreed. According to his own office, he said as he walked out, “Sometimes I try to reason with unreasonable people for fun.”

Source: Florida Surgeon General Refuses to Don Mask in Cancer-Suffering Senator’s Office

Du bist der Baum des Lebens … You are the tree of life

Stella, oh, Stella

Du bist der Baum des Lebens. Hüte dich davor, dich selbst zu zerteilen. Spiele nicht eine Frucht gegen eine andere Frucht aus, ein Blatt gegen ein anderes Blatt, einen Ast gegen einen anderen Ast; noch spiele den Stamm gegen die Wurzeln aus; den Baum auch nicht gegen die Muttererde. Genau das tut man, wenn man einen Teil mehr liebt als den Rest oder den Rest ausschließt.

Du bist der Baum des Lebens. Deine Wurzeln sind überall. Deine Äste und Blätter sind überall. Deine Früchte sind in jedem Mund. Was auch immer die Früchte an diesem Baum sind; was auch immer seine Äste und Blätter sind; was auch immer ihre Wurzeln sind, sie sind deine Früchte; es sind deine Blätter und Äste; sie sind deine Wurzeln; Wenn du willst, dass der Baum süße und duftende Früchte trägt, wenn du willst, dass er immer stark und grün ist, sorge für den Saft…

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Cusută cu ață albă

ore de drum

Paris, 2018

Vreme de douăzeci de ani, lumea modei a clocotit de curiozitate să afle chipul lui Martin Margiela.

Era ultima decadă a mileniului, când se cheltuiau bugete astronomice în publicitate și promovare, iar designerii se dădeau peste cap ca să atragă atenția.

Singurul creator ajuns faimos fără să-și arate vreodată chipul a fost omagiat în 2018, prin două expoziții simultane la Palais Galliera și Arts-Décoratifs, unde au fost prezentate piese care au scandalizat și au revoluționat moda.

Imediat după ce a absolvit Academia de Modă din Anvers în grupul ,,celor șase’’, toți ajunși celebri, a plecat la Paris.

Ca să deschidă atelierul, pornind de la zero, singura posibilitate a fost să recupereze elemente de mobilier aruncate în stradă.

Le-a vopsit în alb sau, dacă erau prea deteriorate, le-a acoperit cu huse albe din bumbac.

În anii 1990-2000, hainele se vindeau după vizibilitatea siglei, emblemă a reușitei financiare, și prea…

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Marilyn Monroe

De la polemàtica (*ruiseñor* blanco de riesgo)

Norma Jeane Baker nació en 1926 en Los Ángeles. Parecía predestinada a triunfar en Hollywood desde el principio, aunque sus primeros años ya fueron azarosos, al nacer en el seno de una familia en la que el padre abandonó a la madre con ella embarazada. Su madre la llamó Norma porque su actriz favorita era Norma Talmadge, una de las grandes estrellas del Hollywood de la época del cine mudo. Todo seguía apuntando a su futuro en la meca del cine. Pero comenzó como modelo, dada la imagen tan atractiva que tenía y que enamoraba a la cámara. A mediados de la década de los 40 comenzó en el cine, al principio con pequeños papeles, hasta que en 1953 se consagró con su papel en Niágara. A partir de ahí, su carrera al estrellato fue meteórica. Su vida personal era también una montaña rusa, con varios matrimonios fallidos y un…

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Monografie : Bill Haley

Rock Around the Clock – biggest hit in USA.

Andrea Bianchi - Drummer

Uno dei primi pionieri del rock n roll, ha scritto brani di enorme successo come Rock The Joint, Crazy Man  Crazy e Shake Rattle and Roll.
Negli anni ’60 è anche protagonista di numerosi show televisivi, fattore che lo espone ancora di più al pubblico e lo rende tutt’ora attuale.

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Turiya and RamaKrishna: Who Are You?- ११


Nara commentates …

First called is Svante, a
little five year old sannyas aspirant, 
and subodhi, his mother. 
Ramakrishna tells him to shut his eyes
which he does, instantly, with 
full obedience, tight and 
very still, the little pouches straining
to do just right. 
His knees are held by
two chubby-small intentful hands. 
We all look
with breathless stillness
surrounding an open rose as the 
little swami emerges, 
Little Anando. 

: ँ :

Last seven days were work but nights kept leading me to the milk mountains. Full moon i.e the sharad purnima of October, kept revealing magic on one condition. That I must not close my eyes. 

If I observe a graph of my inner self, it has been nothing less than hydrogen working its way towards the biggest star. Slowly but so intense, that being a writer becomes a curse because I cannot explain it. 

: ँ :

In Omkareshwar…

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Propagating Magnolia Seeds: How To Grow A Magnolia Tree From Seed 😍😍

Siva jyothi

In the fall of the year after the flowers are long gone from a magnolia tree, the seed pods have an interesting surprise in store. Magnolia seed pods, which resemble exotic-looking cones, spread open to reveal bright red berries, and the tree comes to life with birds, squirrels, and other wildlife that relish these tasty fruits. Inside the berries, you’ll find the magnolia seeds. And when conditions are just right, you may find a magnolia seedling growing under a magnolia tree.

Propagating Magnolia Seeds

In addition to transplanting and growing a magnolia seedling, you can also try your hand at growing magnolias from seed. Propagating magnolia seeds takes a little extra effort because you can’t buy them in packets. Once the seeds dry out, they are no longer viable, so in order to grow a magnolia tree from seed, you have to harvest fresh seeds from the berries.

Before you…

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