Day 14/67, High School in Five Months, Our Numerals, and mass transit

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We would have no transportation, public or otherwise, without a numbering system that allows us to calculate precise locations?  Decimal numbers, based on Arabic numerals, give us both precision and the ability, thanks to our positional numeral system, to express any number in fairly limited space (just try writing 10 billion in Roman Numerals!).  Our numbers, or rather, the symbols that we use to represent numbers, come from India via the Arabs, during the Middle Ages (“… up to the end of the fifteenth century“).  Any advocate for a democratic movement must both learn and share an understanding of number as system and statistic(s), for democracy to work well (there is also a need for good mass transit used by the middle classes, for a democracy to work well, but that is for another post, if you’d like):

Day14/67 Lesson Plan
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