Asserting Indigenous Sovereignty


My prayers are being answered as Indigenous peoples in the lands called Canada and the United States are asserting their authority. It has long been clear to me that fossil fueled capitalism, which is responsible for the deepening environmental chaos, will not voluntarily stop the rape of Mother Earth.

There were numerous Indigenous led events related to Indigenous Peoples’ Day. My friends in Des Moines, Iowa, have a message related to Christopher Columbus.

Indigenous Peoples’ Day, Des Moines, Iowa

Indigenous people led, and many were arrested at events related to People Vs Fossil Fuels events last week.

Indigenous leaders released the following statement.

We will no longer allow the U.S. government to separate us from our relationship to the sacred knowledge of Mother Earth and all who depend on her. Her songs have no end, so we must continue the unfinished work of our ancestors who have walked on…

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