A petition to try to repair the damage caused by road works in beautiful San San, Portland

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For me, the worst thing is the total lack of consultation with the community. Not even an attempt to do so. For that reason alone, I ask you to kindly sign the petition created by resident Marc Goodman regarding the destruction of the once lovely hillside above the Blue Lagoon (Blue Hole) beauty spot.It is here.

Some may say a petition does not have any impact, it is too late, etc. However, it is important to make one’s voice heard. If nothing else – protest! So please, do sign and share.

The green hillside cut back for the South Coast Highway Project. It appears that they are not quite done yet, from this picture provided by Marc Goodman.

Mr. Goodman has petitioned the Chairman of the National Works Agency (NWA) to try and ameliorate the devastation of the once lovely hillsides – even though the damage has already…

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