Ann and Anna, (serial short story, Part 3): Trust

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   Part 2 was last Sunday…

     The apple in my mouth turned to bile, as the smell of corn and tobacco mingled with the odor of my own fear.  My entire body began to tremble, my hand shaking almost uncontrollably.  It moved as if of its own accord, seeking out the solace of my sewing basket.  What I began hours ago, I would finish, now, before those horses arrived, carrying a far worse fate with them.  I was drawing the scissors out of my basket when a shadow fell across me.  The moon had just come out, and Anna had stood up, still leaning against the wagon:


     “Right on time.”


     She looked from my wide eyes to my sewing basket, nodding toward my still bloody left forearm.


     “You didn’t really think I’d stop here and just wait on those patrollers to…

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5 thoughts on “Ann and Anna, (serial short story, Part 3): Trust”

    1. Thank you, Ned. I always liked the audacity of how Anna Marie Weems escaped, and I was surprised never to have learned about her, so I thought that might be a niffty way to present and facilitate the escape of a Fancy. Also a way to blunt the pain of the fancy trade, as many people do not want to know about that part of slavery.

    2. There is so much that people don’t know. I remember looking at an escape route inside of a house in Ohio that was used to hide people fleeing slavery – hole in a chimney in the basement and another hole up a few feet leading to a short tunnel to a cornfield next to the house – and wondering about the bravery of those fleeing, as well as those who helped them.

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