Tanto de arte tiene la vida

Santiago Galicia Rojon Serrallonga


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La vida tiene sus propios encantos, sus expresiones y sus motivos, y yo, desde la pequeñez de mi condición humana, intento agregarle mis letras y mis palabras, mi arte, con sus acentos, puntuaciones y signos, como el jardinero que, una mañana y otra, añade y cultiva flores -orquídeas, tulipanes y rosas- en el paraíso, simplemente por la afición y por el gusto de dejar algo de sí, sus huellas y sus recuerdos. La vida posee colores que se derrama a sí misma, y yo, desde mi taller humilde de artista, mezclo tonos y doy pinceladas con la idea de que el paisaje terreno cuente con algo de esencia y de humano. La vida dispersa sus lapsos de rumores y sus pautas de silencios, en un canto mágico e interminable, en una sinfonía con movimientos y pausas, y yo, con…

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15 Days To Halloween | MY ENDURING BONES

There are 15 days left to Halloween. I love Halloween and baked treats for Halloween, especially if caramel is involved- but vegetables are nice too- you thought I meant pumpkins, didn’t you?  Go on. You did. Feast your eyes on the Devil’s Tooth. From what I understand it is not as sweet as it looks.…
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” Eu já tive vontade de ir até o outro lado da rua, mas não tive coragem de atravessar o portão. “

Marii Freire Pereira

Segundo a Organização Mundial de Saúde ( OMS) o Brasil é o segundo país das Américas com maior número de pessoas depressivas. Cerca de 5,8 % da população sofre de depressão, perdendo somente para os Estados Unidos, onde o índice equivalente é de 5,9%. Além disso, estamos a beira de um princípio chamado ansiedade, que é muito mais comprometedora a saúde do que a própria depressão.

Ao longo dos anos, a vida vem se tornando muito mais estressante, principalmente, por conta da correria, das muitas exigências do mercado, da vida cotidiana, onde as pessoas assumem um número maior de responsabilidades, e tudo isso tem multiplicado as tensões emocionais. A gente tem uma rotina muito acelerada onde nos faz ter que lidar todos os dias com…

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De erro em erro

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De erro em erro, a a gente aprende que a fragrância da vida também pode ser sentida com os olhos.

De erro em erro, se descobre que mãos unidas também estão dispostas a milagres

De erro em erro, qualquer poema vira prece.

De erro em erro, a sabedoria pode se manifestar num instante

De erro em erro, o longínquo encurta distância, quando se muda o modo de pensar.

De erro em erro, se aprende que o momento de se viver é o agora, o hoje, o presente

De erro em erro, se aprende que as decisões mais acertadas, são as que levaram anos para ser decididas.

De erro em erro, se percebe que ostentar curiosidade, provoca a irra do alheio.

De erro em erro, se descobre que reclamar e resmungar, é uma arte que faz com que nos despedimos das coisas ruins que moram em nós.

De erro em erro…

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Indonesien – Alltagsszenen

Vivaldi translation of introduction: For many people in the western world, Indonesia is just an exotic chain of islands in southeast Asia that consists of thousands of volcanic islands. Although Indonesia is one of the most populous countries in the world, the country has long been overshadowed by world history. The population is made up of hundreds of ethnic groups that speak many different languages. Indonesia is a multicultural island empire and at the same time one of the largest nations in the world with more than 17,000 islands. Almost 90 percent of Indonesians belong to Islam, making the country the most Muslim worldwide.

Senioren um die Welt

Für viele Menschen in der westlichen Welt ist Indonesien lediglich eine exotische Inselkette im Südosten von Asien, die aus Tausenden von Vulkaninseln besteht. Obwohl Indonesien zu den bevölkerungsreichsten Ländern der Welt gehört, stand das Land lange im Schatten der Weltgeschichte. Die Bevölkerung setzt sich aus hunderten von ethnischen Gruppen zusammen, die viele verschiedene Sprachen sprechen. Indonesien ist ein multikulturelles Inselreich und zugleich eine der größten Nationen der Welt mit mehr als 17.000 Inseln. Fast 90 Prozent der Indonesier gehören dem Islam an, somit weist das Land weltweit die meisten Muslime auf.

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7 reasons why programmers burn out (and fixes)

When Jerry started their job as a junior developer, they couldn’t wait to get to work each morning. And each evening, even after their 10-hour workdays, they’d still feel energized. Now, two years later, Jerry looks like the shadow of what they used to be. Getting out of bed is hard these days, getting to work even harder. By the end of the day, they feel exhausted and drained. And they’re already dreading the thought of going back tomorrow and wasting yet another day of their lives.

Sounds familiar? Personally, I have yet to meet a programmer who hasn’t been through at least one episode of burnout.

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Utah Protesters Claim Hospitals Are Killing People Who Have COVID – Mother Jones (Me: it is a form of insanity that overcomes reason…)

In September, the medical director of Park City Hospital in Summit County, which has the highest vaccination rate in the entire state, told the county health board that patients coming into the hospital with COVID were behaving very differently than they had in the past. “We’re seeing hate in their eyes,” Dr. Wing Province told the board, according to the Park Record. Nurses and doctors working in the overburdened ICU were dealing with hostile patients who often didn’t believe they were infected or demanded unproven treatments. Some had even become violent because they believed, as the protesters do, that the hospital was trying to kill them.

“We had a gal who came in whose oxygen levels were critically low, to the point where she could nearly die if we didn’t give her oxygen,” Province said. “And as our nurses went to her aid to put on oxygen, to put in an IV, and try to stabilize her, she being COVID-positive, spit in our nurse’s face, kicked our nurse in the chest with her foot, and scratched all the technicians and everyone else that were coming in to try to put in an IV.” He described a patient who left the hospital early against medical advice whose family is now suing IHC because doctors refused to give the patient Ivermectin.

Source: Utah Protesters Claim Hospitals Are Killing People Who Have COVID – Mother Jones

‘Nobody ever put hands on me before’: flight attendants on the air rage epidemic | US news | The Guardian

Nelson reported that the FAA had logged 4,284 unruly passenger reports since January. At this rate, she continued, 2021 was poised to produce a higher passenger misconduct incident count “than the entire history of commercial aviation.”

At the center of the chaos are the flight attendants tasked with in-flight safety management. Burned out and frustrated, many have had enough.

“I got called a ‘bitch’ last month because someone was taking their mask off to cough and I told them to keep it on,” says Jules, an Illinois-based flight attendant who is in her ninth year of flying for a major US airline. As far as she’s seen, the increased frequency and severity of passenger outbursts has been “drastic”. It has been, she says, “a long year and a half”. (Jules and the other active flight attendants interviewed for this story have asked that their names, and those of the airlines they work for, be withheld.)

Jules began to notice the shift last year. She can count several incidents where police were called to assist with insubordinate passengers on a flight she was working, either prior to takeoff or post-landing. Two of them took place during October last year alone. On one of those occasions, a male passenger attempted to shove her out of his way when she told him to wear a mask while he walked to the lavatory. Jules, who was five months pregnant at the time, wound up working two more flights before taking an early maternity leave.

“I became too scared that my baby would get hurt,” says Jules. “I’d been verbally abused by passengers before, but nobody had ever put their hands on me before.”

Even when the outbursts don’t involve physical contact or threats of violence, they make for an annoying day’s work. Molly, an eight-year flight attendant for a major US airline who lives in New York, notes that while she hasn’t had to deal with “anything too extreme” since the pandemic, more and more passengers “are acting out in strange and immature ways.”

“One example that sticks out was on a flight from Orlando to Chicago,” Molly recalls. “I asked a man in first class to put his mask on while we were in flight and the next time I passed through the cabin, he was angrily holding the entire top of a Coca-Cola can in his mouth instead of wearing the mask.” Most problem passengers have been people who present as men, roughly between the ages of 30 and 70.

“They seem to be the most upset and frustrated and definitely need the most reminding about following rules for air travel,” Molly says. “Many seem to take it as a personal attack rather than just a reminder about the contract they signed [when booking their tickets], agreeing to wear a mask throughout their journey.”

Source: ‘Nobody ever put hands on me before’: flight attendants on the air rage epidemic | US news | The Guardian