International Rural Women’s Day in Cockpit Country (and beyond)

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Happy International Rural Women’s Day!

This year, the focus is on women farmers. Frequently lauded for their strength, hard work and resilience, they are a solid presence in rural Jamaica – over one third of rural women are farmers. Three years ago, I met a group of them at a Farmer’s School graduation ceremony, and learned a lot from them about their challenges. I thoroughly enjoyed their company, and wrote about them here. I hope they are all doing well. At that event, over sixty percent of graduates from the Farmers’ School were women.

A great meet up with women farmers from St. Thomas in 2018. (My photo)

My friend and fellow blogger Wayne Campbell wrote an excellent, detailed post on the topic today. It tells you everything you need to know about the status of women farmers globally and in Jamaica; note that of the thirty percent or…

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#LandBack is Climate Justice. You can see the signs about land back in photos such as the one below from the protests going on in Washington, DC, this week.

Indigenous youths, climate activists to march to U.S. Capitol on final day of People vs. Fossil Fuels protests by Ellie Silverman, The Washington Post, October 15, 2021

Demonstrators head toward the White House on Oct. 11 during a People vs. Fossil Fuels rally in Washington.
©Eric Lee for The Washington Post

This has been a week of actions to pressure President Biden to declare a climate emergency. As of yesterday, nearly four hundred people had been arrested outside the White House.

Washington, D.C. — Demonstrators returned to the White House on Wednesday morning for the third day of the “People vs. Fossil Fuels” mobilization, keeping up the pressure on President Biden to declare a climate emergency and stop all new fossil fuel projects.

Under a giant banner that read “Biden: Our Communities Can’t Wait,” hundreds of people marched to…

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Mushroom Yuzu Pasta

Tanooki Homemade Cafe

Happy National Mushroom day! 

Did you know, today 10/15 is the day to appreciate mushrooms and enjoy them! 

While being familiar with the canned one, I’ve never seen fresh white or cremini mushroom until I came to the US. Until then, I loved eating shiitake mushroom or shimeji mushroom, and I was taught that I have to be very careful when cooking them because some of them are poisonous and even if they are edible, they must be fully cooked to be eaten safely.

Can you guess how I was surprised to see American people put raw mushroom in their salad? Now I get used to eating raw mushrooms, but I still prefer grilled one because the flavor boosts up to full.  

Today’s recipe is my favorite way to enjoy mushrooms. 

Get a glass of wine or seltzer water now, your food is ready in just a moment! 

<Today’s Recipe>

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Nano Technology Improving Lives in Many Ways


Many harmful substances are found in water when pesticides and other contaminants gets in it and cause illnesses

Hilonga is so excited about his invention that delivers pure water and he is creating jobs and developing businesses

He also helped the people to stop cutting down trees to cook by providing Bio Gas for them

It is amazing how sustainable living and the solutions provided, can solve many problems

The Nano filter purification system is providing clean and safe water for all

Finding solutions and changing lives can be done when people decide to answer the call

This genius wanted to protect the environment and help his country in many ways

And now so many people benefit from what he is doing, they are seeing brighter days

Photo by on

Life on the planet can be improved in many ways when people simply try to live in a…

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FDA advisors approve J&J COVID vaccine boosters | CIDRAP

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) vaccine advisory group today unanimously approved a booster dose of Johnson & Johnson (J&J) vaccine for all Americans 18 years old and older who received a single dose.

Also today, the experts discussed mix-and-match dosing, raising several questions and airing multiple issues, but they took no vote on the issue.

Source: FDA advisors approve J&J COVID vaccine boosters | CIDRAP

Oklahoma Woman Sentenced to 4 Years for Manslaughter After Miscarriage

A 21-year-old woman was convicted of first-degree manslaughter on Oct. 6 after a second-trimester miscarriage in Oklahoma. Brittney Marie Poolaw was sentenced to 4 years in prison after less than three hours of jury deliberation, according to local media.

Poolaw experienced a miscarriage on Jan. 4, 2020, when the fetus was born stillborn at home after 15-17 weeks of gestation, according to the autopsy. (ABC affiliate KSWO has referred to the fetus as an infant child.) The medical examiner confirmed fetal congenital abnormalities as well as positive results for methamphetamine and amphetamine.

Poolaw couldn’t afford her bail and spent more than a year in custody awaiting trial delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The National Advocates for Pregnant Woman released a statement in support of Poolaw. “Ms. Poolaw’s case is a tragedy. She has suffered the trauma of pregnancy loss, has been jailed for a year and half during a pandemic, and was charged and convicted of a crime without basis in law or science,” the statement read in part.

Source: Oklahoma Woman Sentenced to 4 Years for Manslaughter After Miscarriage

Monografie : Ray Charles

Andrea Bianchi - Drummer

Cantante, pianista e compositore, conosciuto come Brother Ray o The Genius, diventò cieco durante l’infanzia a causa di un glaucoma.
Fu un pioniere del soul, mescolando elementi di jazz, r&b e blues, integrando negli anni 60 elementi di country e pop, diventando famosissimo con un sound estremamente ascoltabile.
Divenne noto anche come il prima artista nero ad avere il controllo totale sulle proprie produzioni artistiche.
Citava tra le influene Louis Jordan, Nat King Cole e Charles Brown.
Ebbe un lunghissimo rapporto di amicizia con Quincy Jones e Frank Sinatra.
Influente anche per l’evoluzione del rock n roll, artisti come Billy Joel lo ritengono  addirittura più importante di Elvis Presley,

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Monografie : The Doors

Andrea Bianchi - Drummer

(Breve Bio, seguiranno aggiornamenti)

Storica band acid rock fondata a Los Angeles dall’unione dei 4 membri Jim Morrison, Robbie Krieger, Ray Manzarek e John Densmore che scelsero il monicker inspirandosi a Le porte della percezione di Aldous Huxley diventando la voce di un’intera generazione e della controcultura statunitense.

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