PSOJ urges a unified approach in the vaccination effort

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The Private Sector Organization of Jamaica (PSOJ) is sounding a little exasperated, and who can blame them? I attended a press briefing by the Ministry of Health and Wellness this evening (surprisingly, very poorly attended by the media), and came away with the feeling that we are plodding along, doing more of the same – and planning another vaccination blitz for the upcoming holiday weekend. However, to quote Health Minister Christopher Tufton at this evening’s press briefing, “We cannot continue in this vein.” Using an oddly appropriate medical term!

A slide from this evening’s press briefing. Our “R” (transmission) rate is around 0.7 – 0.8

Seriously, though, we cannot keep “edging forward” like this, in Minister Tufton’s words. We are making too little progress, and far too slowly. Meanwhile, the “vaccine hesitant” are being swayed by misinformation and a continuous outpouring of new “theories” from various sources. It is…

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