Đoàn Phú Tứ | The hue of time (1)


By Đoàn Phú Tứ, translation by Nguyễn Thị Phương Trâm

The hue of time

Upon dawn the crystal clear sound of birdsongs

Inside the cool tones of the wind 

Carried gently the warm scent of a spring yearning


The days of old no longer cold, the Qin consort

To her our quiet offerings

A cloudy sky lightly steeped in time


The hue of time is not cool

The hue of time is a soothing purple

The scent of time light

The scent of time a limpid tone


Hair like clouds the golden dagger

In reticence seclusion serve the emperor

Rather betray his desire

Then him seeing her ravaged by time


A fateful hundred year severed

In the lingered scent of an old love

The scent of time a limpid tone

The hue of time a soothing purple


(October 2021)



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