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Happy National Dessert Day! Did you know, today 10/14th is the day to appreciate yourself for having a sweet tooth! 

As I look back on my childhood, my mind was full of dessert even right after I started working on my meal. Sometimes it’s fruit, sometimes it’s jelly, sometimes it’s ice cream…and later on I regret why I didn’t leave a room for them. I don’t know how many times I wished my stomach to be bigger just for a few moments (and glad it didn’t…I’d glare staring at numbers shown on my scale!)

But did you know, our stomachs actually expand to make room when you think about dessert no matter how full you are. According to a scientist named Russell Keast, the image of sweet sugar stimulates our stomach to reflex the wall of our stomachs and boom! You know you can have a little, one bite to…

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