as love blossoms

Develop. Inspire. Transform.


seeing brokenness
within, without,
and everywhere about, I shout

at the sky…everywhere, I fly…

emotions high,
and the depths, deep, and dry

as spinning begins,
and the trees look at me
with a silent grin, speaking
of something I’ve missed, I stop…

digress…pause, and breathe life in…

slowing down now, I see

the moonlight cascade
off the tree, and, just then,
something else stirs from within

full of tears, and ready
to begin…this pool
of light glistens
off a reservoir,
felt, yet never been called

to sit in…while

stretches out
to the east,
and west again…and

head meets heart
for the first time,
they bond together just fine…as

love blossoms,
they align,

time melts into the sublime…

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