Warrior Life Podcast


Pam Palmater tweeted this episode of Warrior Life Podcast today. She says this podcast is a response to the call for Wet’suwet’en solidarity. Doing her part to help amplify Wet’suwet’en voices about violent RCMP actions happening right now and how we can help.

She was not able to conduct a face-to-face interview with Gidimt’en spokesperson, Molly Wickham – Sledo. So, she sent a series of questions to Sledo, who recorded her answers to them. The result is a powerful picture of what happened to the Wet’suwet’en in the past, and why it is so important to continue. “I want people to know we have a responsibility to be here doing this work.”

In Episode 111 of Warrior Life Podcast, we hear from Molly Wickham – Sleydo – a Gidimt’en clan member and spokesperson protecting Wet’suwet’en Nation lands and waters from destruction by Coastal Gaslink pipeline. She and other clan members…

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