There Were Years

Shayan's Sphere

There were years like feathers of rose
Once upon a time and many moons ago,
Having no agonies but people so close
Did show their affections but not woe.

Lands were paradise, charming were words,
And thoughts were flowers of blossoming spring,
Yes, life was of happiness just like a bird,
Having all sweet times just not wings.

Tears were all genuine but not of pains,
Dreams were all colossal but did go;
Yes, life was so placid, soothing as rain,
Having all sweet times but not woe.

Life was of wonders, smooth was flow,
Love was so unknown, fresh like a leaf,
Oh, years were all whiteboards, pure as snow,
Having all sweet days but not grief.

Oh, time is ferrous, memories are gold,
Living in ferrous yet they never lose shine;
Oh, memories of years passed crystal do they hold
Tears and happiness line after line.

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