NOWHERE MAN by Nancy Richy

MasticadoresUsa // Editora: Gabriela Marie Milton

by Nancy Richy
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Vivian looked up from her book and stared at her husband Ray as he fiddled with his iPod. At one time he knew every little detail about that thing; now the device totally confused him.In frustration Ray cursed and threw the iPod across the room.

“Damn thing’s busted!” he yelled.

Vivian sighed and retrieved the iPod, placing it on the table between their recliners. She glanced sadly at Ray who just sat in his chair looking straight ahead. Where was her husband of 55 years? He was gone, replaced by this‘nowhere man’.

“We’ll look at it together after dinner, Ray. I’m sure we can figure outwhat’s wrong with it” Vivian calmly suggested.

“Don’t patronize me, Viv!” Ray shouted.“I’m not a child!”

“Sorry, Ray. I was just trying to help. I’mgoing to make dinner. Soup and salad sound…

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