Remember this song, anyone? Well, it released in 1998. I remember it was my favourite tune for quite a while then. The video is undoubtedly sinister. Being brought up Catholic, I always felt immense guilt listening to it and humming it all day and night. I am a sucker for songs that have multiple interpretations that can be so immensely varied. This song has so much depth. It’s one of those – feel free to pick one! I’ve attempted to inculcate most of the renditions in my poem in an attempt to do an iota of justice to this fascinating song! I’ve listed some of them:

  • Satan’s CTA: It feels as if Lucifer is connivingly coaxing the holy innocents to submit to the lusts of his world – sin, temptation, vanity, addiction, greed, hatred, unforgiveness etc.
  • Consumerism: It can be seen as how materialism and instant gratification have…

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