Day 11/67 of High School in Five Months, Perspectives, and libraries

Inspiring Critical Thinking and Community via Books, Lessons, and Story

Books, film, and other forms of media, like comic books, aka graphic novels, and music can all help us see the world from a new perspective.   Books and other works that are in the public domain are made accessible by volunteer libraries, like the one compiled by LibriVox, or Project Gutenberg.   Libraries of various kinds are one of the key parts of our democracy, and therefore, of Phase I of the Four Freedoms movement :


Day 11 Lesson Plan
Khan Academy practice activity on intensifiers and adverbs of degree
Khan Academy Subject-Verb agreement if you need more practice
optional Khan Academy reading: Perspectives (Hunters vs. Farmers)

Khan Academy activity on Dividing by 10, 100, 1000

Day11 ExitSlips 

(Day 10Day 12)

Action Items:

1.) Download some public domain version of a classic book, or grab your favorite version of the The Arabian…

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