Daikon Radish Salad Ponzu Sauce

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Did you know, they are sometimes compared with ladies’ legs because they have beautiful snow-white color and look like a human calf with the perfect curb reaching to the ground. But, be careful if you wanna use it to attract Japanese women. Japanese Daikon radishes are big. If someone says you have daikon-like legs, that means you are telling her she is fat. No matter how well you managed to go on a date, the expression is the death sentence to the relationship. 

So anyway, daikon radish is a good vegetable. We can eat them simmered, baked, raw, or even they can be garnished to decorate the food fancy. I wanted to make some refreshing side dish with limited ingredients, so let’s make some salad with my homemade sauce: ponzu! 

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Daikon Radish Salad Ponzu Sauce

radish ponzu salad

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