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The greatest nuclear tragedy in Soviet Ukraine occurred at Plant V. I. Lenin, located in the city of Pripyat. As human beings are unable to live in this region, due to radiation, the place has become a paradise for wildlife.

Of course, in general, radiation caused damage not just for man, as for fauna and flora, but over the years, nature was adapting and starting to sprout again, and with vast vegetation, animals also started to appear again.

In research carried out by ecologist Serhiy Gashchak, animals that live in the Red Forest, a region with high radiation, have adapted well to the place. Animals that live in nearby areas, when placed in the Forest, have not been able to adapt as well as the natives of the region. In other words, over the years a genetic mutation has occurred in these animals, but nothing that affects natural life, such as the appearance of a second head.

To this day, the question of how the city that was razed to the ground by a nuclear accident is a great mystery.

Source: Chernobyl: the ghost town – Magic Mixture を