ShiraDest’s Round Robin: Day 11/67 of High School in Five Months, Perspectives, and libraries

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Books, film, and other forms of media, like comic books, aka graphic novels, and music can all help us see the world from a new perspective. Books and other works that are in the public domain are made accessible by volunteer libraries, like the one compiled by LibriVox, or Project Gutenberg. Libraries of various […]

Day 11/67 of High School in Five Months, Perspectives, and libraries

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No aconsejes a nadie que no te lo haya pedido.
Ni acorrales a un cobarde ni a un león herido.
No creas que lo evidente siempre es la verdad.
No dinamites un puente que un día debas cruzar.
Si todo va muy bien, seguro va a pasar algo malo.
Y a veces no se rompe el hilo por lo más delgado.
Nunca abras el paraguas antes que empiece a llover.
Ni regales un libro a quién no sabe leer.
No deseés que mueran tus enemigos: es mejor que estén vivos para verte triunfar.
La conciencia vale más que mil testigos.
Nunca lastimes a quién después no puedas matar.

En este entorno en donde todo lo rige el soborno: oestás en la cocina o estás en el horno.
Nunca toques nada si todo está bien.
Nunca dudes y dejes pasar el tren.
No festejes que es miércoles si aún es martes.

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Victoria Kent

MUJERES Olvidadas…

Las hubo tanto guerreras como científicas, aventureras como políticas, reinas, nobles, intelectuales, astrónomas, escritoras, o… simplemente esposas.

Victoria Kent nació en Málaga en 1898. Feminista, abogada y política republicana española. Nació en el seno de una familia acomodada y liberal, tuvo profesores particulares y luego se trasladó a Madrid en 1917, para ingresar a la Universidad Central, donde estudió Derecho.

Se licenció en 1924, siendo la primera mujer en ingresar en el Colegio de Abogados, en plena dictadura de Primo de Rivera (1870-1930). Su primera intervención como abogada defensora fue en 1930, defendiendo ante el Tribunal Supremo de Guerra y Marina a un miembro del Comité Revolucionario Republicano. Consiguió la absolución de su defendido, lo que le dio reconocimiento público.

En la Segunda República en 1931, Victoria fue electa diputada por el Partido Radical Socialista, junto a Clara Campoamor por el Partido Republicano Radical. Fue designada Directora General…

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Inhale Peace; Exhale Love. Joy will Follow! - RUELHA

Remember this song, anyone? Well, it released in 1998. I remember it was my favourite tune for quite a while then. The video is undoubtedly sinister. Being brought up Catholic, I always felt immense guilt listening to it and humming it all day and night. I am a sucker for songs that have multiple interpretations that can be so immensely varied. This song has so much depth. It’s one of those – feel free to pick one! I’ve attempted to inculcate most of the renditions in my poem in an attempt to do an iota of justice to this fascinating song! I’ve listed some of them:

  • Satan’s CTA: It feels as if Lucifer is connivingly coaxing the holy innocents to submit to the lusts of his world – sin, temptation, vanity, addiction, greed, hatred, unforgiveness etc.
  • Consumerism: It can be seen as how materialism and instant gratification have…

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To Follow Your Life Calling, You May Have to Break Certain Rules

Motivation & Environment

Following your life calling may be easier said than done, and in many instances, if you want to follow your life calling, you certainly have to break rules—“the rules”—or the status quo. Usually, it is in this manner that many creative people best unfold their creativity.

To follow your life calling religiously, you don’t always have to remain in familiar territory and just continue doing what is expected of you. At a certain point in time, you have to break rules or deviate from tradition and forge a different or completely new path for yourself.

Many creative people find it difficult to cope in places or systems that require them to follow rules

History has shown that a lot of creative kids and grown-ups are quite impatient with rules which they usually tend to bend or break in order to unleash their creativity as much and as freely as they…

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Em todo lado a palavra pássaro faz asas e cor.

O Outro Lado

Julgo ver nele a cura para a dor…
Do outro lado da árvore, a lua tem a cor de mel… eu acreditava nas coisas do destino e lembrei-me de fotografias que nunca tirei. O som da letra do canto da ave é como um poema esculpido na árvore e toma-se a forma das flores. As relvas frescas a molhar os pés e os sorrisos estendidos em mil árvores que meu pai chamava de floresta… o céu a desenhar presença de nuvens e eu procuro as lembranças que escrevi ali. Havia a mão de criança a segurar a saia e um vulto marcou o voo e o pouso… enquanto as lembranças da mãe eram desenhadas nas falas das irmãs, trazendo recordações que parecem tão recentes diante das histórias narradas. Lê-se a presença diante das memórias, lê-se silêncio, sim, tantas vezes… Era o silêncio dos gritos dos dias vividos e as recordações a…

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Massachusetts National Guard activated to help with COVID-19 testing in schools | TheHill

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker (R) activated members of the National Guard on Tuesday to help with COVID-19 testing in schools, as education facilities struggle to test students and teachers amid staff shortages.

Up to 200 members of the Massachusetts National Guard have been activated to help with testing in the state’s public K-12 schools, Baker’s office announced. The governor said the move will provide “additional staffing support” for school testing programs.

Source: Massachusetts National Guard activated to help with COVID-19 testing in schools | TheHill

WHO advisers recommend 3rd COVID vaccine dose for highest-risk groups | CIDRAP

SAGE said its third-dose recommendation applies to all vaccines that the WHO has approved for emergency use. They include Pfizer-BioNTech, AstraZeneca-Oxford, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, Sinopharm, and Sinovac. For Sinopharm and Sinovac, two inactivated vaccines from China, SAGE said a third dose should be offered to people ages 60 and older as part of an extended primary series. It added that a third dose of a different vaccine could be considered, based on vaccine supply and access. However, SAGE urged countries to prioritize 2-dose coverage in that age group, then administer third doses, starting with the oldest age groups. In other vaccine news, Germany-based CureVac today announced that it is withdrawing from regulatory consideration its current COVID-19 vaccine candidate, an mRNA vaccine that uses unmodified RNA, to focus on a second-generation candidate that it is developing with GSK. The company projects that the newer vaccine will be ready for regulatory approval in 2022. The CureVac vaccine had disappointing results in late-stage clinical trials, which suggested an overall efficacy of 48%. In other developments, India’s vaccine advisory group today recommended the cou

Source: WHO advisers recommend 3rd COVID vaccine dose for highest-risk groups | CIDRAP

NOWHERE MAN by Nancy Richy

MasticadoresUsa // Editor: Barbara Leonhard

by Nancy Richy
[author’s site]

Vivian looked up from her book and stared at her husband Ray as he fiddled with his iPod. At one time he knew every little detail about that thing; now the device totally confused him.In frustration Ray cursed and threw the iPod across the room.

“Damn thing’s busted!” he yelled.

Vivian sighed and retrieved the iPod, placing it on the table between their recliners. She glanced sadly at Ray who just sat in his chair looking straight ahead. Where was her husband of 55 years? He was gone, replaced by this‘nowhere man’.

“We’ll look at it together after dinner, Ray. I’m sure we can figure outwhat’s wrong with it” Vivian calmly suggested.

“Don’t patronize me, Viv!” Ray shouted.“I’m not a child!”

“Sorry, Ray. I was just trying to help. I’mgoing to make dinner. Soup and salad sound…

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