JET says major roadworks in Portland, Jamaica being undertaken with no public consultation and no environmental impact assessment

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It is not only the famous beauty spot that is San San and the surroundings of Blue Lagoon, in Eastern Portland, that have been affected by the South Coast Highway Improvement Project. The Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) has been doing some research and found that there was no community consultation on large stretches of the highway; nor were relevant documents disclosed to the public. Why the lack of transparency and consultation? Here are JET’s comments:

‘Major roadworks in Portland being undertaken without public consultation and an environment impact assessment’

The Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) is concerned that major roadwork in Portland was approved by the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) without the conduct of a comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and consultation with the public. Concerned stakeholders have expressed their concerns to their Member of Parliament but have received no response.

The top of a hillside cut away due…

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