Gathering Basket – Multimedia Cookbook — I-Collective (Indigenous food sovereignty)

We hope YOU are as excited as we are for the “A Gathering Basket” inaugural issue dropping on Indigenous People’s Day!!!! The seed for this project was planted in 2017 and with a lot of seed songs, compost, watering, and nurturing the harvest is here! We owe more people than can be named here a debt of gratitude for the blessings and teachings we’ve received over these years and it is our hope that with the making of relatives during this time our work has helped others along this path.

Rooted in the cultivation of Indigenous food sovereignty and elevating and preserving Indigenous Narratives, I-Collective is developing a Cookbook and Community Journal with supplemental Webinar Series to assist in strengthening the connection of our people to their food. Indigenous food sovereignty is critical because many health issues are tied to colonialism and the exploitation of resources, land, and people. Source: Gathering Basket – Multimedia Cookbook — I-Collective