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En un párrafo le digo que cuando me ausento de las letras que usted me inspira, me encuentro en el abecedario y en las palabras que construyo para entregarle un poema, una hoja de papel con las expresiones más sublimes y elegantes que solo manifiesta quien ha sentido la presencia de un amor en su alma y en su textura, en su esencia y en su mirada, en sus realidades y en sus sueños, en sus alegrías y en sus tristezas, en sus ideales y en sus pensamientos, como un regalo que llega del cielo, una locura que se experimenta cada instante, todos los días, con sus motivos, sus detalles y sus sentidos, o un delirio que propicia ocurrencias y risas, caminatas y aventuras, amaneceres y ocasos, a pesar de los encuentros y los desencuentros que pudieran…

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Gathering Basket – Multimedia Cookbook — I-Collective (Indigenous food sovereignty)

We hope YOU are as excited as we are for the “A Gathering Basket” inaugural issue dropping on Indigenous People’s Day!!!! The seed for this project was planted in 2017 and with a lot of seed songs, compost, watering, and nurturing the harvest is here! We owe more people than can be named here a debt of gratitude for the blessings and teachings we’ve received over these years and it is our hope that with the making of relatives during this time our work has helped others along this path.

Rooted in the cultivation of Indigenous food sovereignty and elevating and preserving Indigenous Narratives, I-Collective is developing a Cookbook and Community Journal with supplemental Webinar Series to assist in strengthening the connection of our people to their food. Indigenous food sovereignty is critical because many health issues are tied to colonialism and the exploitation of resources, land, and people. Source: Gathering Basket – Multimedia Cookbook — I-Collective

O mundo acontece dentro do milagre.

O Outro Lado

O calor no rosto me leva para outra cidade – aprisionaram o vento dentro da intensidade da palavra – foi uma cerimônia bonita. O rio e os envelopes rasgados. O canto da ave num dia triste. A febre e a ilusão do delírio. Havia qualquer coisa de estranho no objeto bordado. O pássaro desenhado como se lembrava na memória obscura da pele. O toque da pena a dimensionar o voo. Dizia que sem pressa devia partir. Ou esperar. Ou ir e voltar – esquecia da última frase da carta. Mas sentia na ponta dos dedos, apenas essa solidão esférica. De cidade vazia e de rio longo e serpenteado perto das margens de onde avistava os papéis que não enviara a rodar, como se fosse de encontro ao mar. Como se morresse de fome e sede – e não havia nada para matar a fome. A vida seca, úmida de alma…

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FBI raids home of Philadelphia Proud Boys’ vice president to gather info about Capitol attack plans

The FBI raided the home of the vice president of the Proud Boys’ Philadelphia chapter on Friday, seizing his computer, phone, and other electronics to gather information on the Jan. 6 attack at the U.S. Capitol, his lawyer said Monday. Aaron Whallon Wolkind, 37, woke up around 4 a.m. Friday to more than a dozen federal agents, dressed in riot gear and accompanied by an armored vehicle and battering ram, swarming his Newark, Del., home, and ordering through a loudspeaker that he exit with his hands in the air, his lawyer Jonathon Moseley wrote in a court filing. Wolkind exited and was handcuffed but not arrested or charged with any crimes. Agents “took all of his computer and computer devices and phones, including an old broken phone,” Moseley said. His girlfriend was also handcuffed but not arrested. Moseley said he believes the search and seizure was to gather information in the case against Zach Rehl, the self-described president of the Philadelphia Proud Boys, whom Moseley also represents. Rehl was arrested in March on charges he conspired with other leading members of the organization to attack the Capitol and has been in custody in Philadelphia pending trial since.

Source: FBI raids home of Philadelphia Proud Boys’ vice president to gather info about Capitol attack plans

Geomagnetic storm warning as solar flare expected to directly hit Earth today | Science & Tech News | Sky News

A massive solar flare is due to hit Earth today, authorities are warning – potentially disrupting power grids and bringing the Northern Lights as far south as New York.

The flare – officially known as a coronal mass ejection (CME) – was observed on Saturday on the side of the sun directly facing our planet and comes as we enter a period of increased solar activity.

An alert was published by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) which warned the geomagnetic storm could cause power grid fluctuations with voltage alarms at higher latitudes, where the Earth is more exposed.

Source: Geomagnetic storm warning as solar flare expected to directly hit Earth today | Science & Tech News | Sky News

Italian sailors knew of America 150 years before Christopher Columbus, new analysis of ancient documents suggests | EurekAlert!

Regardless though, Chiesa states, Cronica universalis “brings unprecedented evidence to the speculation that news about the American continent, derived from Nordic sources, circulated in Italy one and half centuries before Columbus.” He adds: “What makes the passage (about Marckalada) exceptional is its geographical provenance: not the Nordic area, as in the case of the other mentions, but northern Italy. “The Marckalada described by Galvaneus is ‘rich in trees’, not unlike the wooded Markland of the Grœnlendinga Saga, and animals live there. “These details could be standard, as distinctive of any good land; but they are not trivial, because the common feature of northern regions is to be bleak and barren, as actually Greenland is in Galvaneus’s account, or as Iceland is described by Adam of Bremen.” Overall, Professor Chiesa says, we should “trust” Cronica universalis as throughout the document Galvaneus declares where he has heard of oral stories, and backs his claims with elements drawn from accounts (legendary or real) belonging to previous traditions on different lands, blended together and reassigned to a specific place.

Source: Italian sailors knew of America 150 years bef | EurekAlert!

Hearth site in Utah desert reveals human tobacco use 12,300 years ago – The Jerusalem Post

Scientists have unearthed evidence of a milestone in human culture – the earliest-known use of tobacco – in the remnants of a hearth built by early inhabitants of North America’s interior about 12,300 years ago in Utah’s Great Salt Lake Desert.
Researchers discovered four charred seeds of a wild tobacco plant within the hearth contents, along with stone tools and duck bones left over from meals. Until now, the earliest documented use of tobacco came in the form of nicotine residue found inside a smoking pipe from Alabama dating to 3,300 years ago.
The researchers believe the nomadic hunter-gatherers at the Utah site may have smoked the tobacco or perhaps sucked wads of tobacco plant fiber for the stimulant qualities offered by the nicotine it contained.

Source: Hearth site in Utah desert reveals human tobacco use 12,300 years ago – The Jerusalem Post