Tory MP says using term ‘white privilege’ should be reported as extremism | Conservatives | The Guardian (Me: Oswald Mosley wannabe Brit Nazi… book burning next on his list?)

He added: “I hope [using the term white privilege] will be reported, I hope that will be looked into, and any teacher who’s perpetuated it in the classroom ultimately should face a disciplinary hearing at the very least.” Source: Tory MP says using term ‘white privilege’ should be reported as extremism | Conservatives | The Guardian

‘Get vaccinated’: Northern B.C. doctor warns local ER could close amid rampant COVID |

A family physician in Vanderhoof, B.C., is pleading with community residents to get vaccinated amid surging COVID-19 cases that have put the local hospital’s operations at risk.

Dr. Rebecca Janssen works at St. John Hospital, where she said staff were barely able to cover shifts this weekend when a key doctor fell ill with COVID-19.

“His shifts looked to be very difficult to cover with the resources we had in the community. It was only with a lot of effort and scrambling yesterday we managed to cover those shifts,” she said.

Source: ‘Get vaccinated’: Northern B.C. doctor warns local ER could close amid rampant COVID |

Depois da colheita

O Outro Lado

Depois da colheita feita
Desenhou a lápis seu próprio jardim

Cavou as linhas aleatórias da vida
o filtro dos sonhos pendurado no teto
o adubo, colocado um a um
preparando a terra – afinal, é ali que se planta e se colhe
na palavra – dizia o pai – que há tempo para tudo
histórias desenhadas no vestido de flor.

plantou e fez a colheita, como era de fato, o tempo para renascer,abriu mão da própria coragem

Algumas coisas na vida nos cobra o medo.
Quem tem coragem de criar o próprio abismo
quando já tem asas para voar?

Mariana Gouveia
Das coisas breves

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God is Alive, Magic is Afoot

God is alive
Magic is afoot
God is alive
Magic is afoot
God is afoot
Magic is alive
Alive is afoot
Magic never died

God never sickened
Many poor men lied
Many sick men lied
Magic never weakened
Magic never hid
Magic always ruled
God is afoot
God never died

God was ruler
Though his funeral lengthened
Though his mourners thickened
Magic never fled
Though his shrouds were hoisted
The naked God did live
Though his words were twisted
The naked Magic thrived
Though his death was published
Round and round the world
The heart did not believe

Many hurt men wondered
Many struck men bled
Magic never faltered
Magic always led

Many stones were rolled
But God would not lie down
Many wild men lied
Many fat men listened
Though they offered stones
Magic still was fed
Though they locked their coffers
God was always served

Magic is afoot
God rules
Alive is afoot
Alive is in command

Many weak men hungered
Many strong men thrived
Though they boasted solitude
God was at their side
Nor the dreamer in his cell
Nor the captain on the hill
Magic is alive
Though his death was pardoned
Round and round the world
The heart did not believe

Though laws were carved in marble
They could not shelter men
Though altars built in parliaments
They could not order men
Police arrested Magic
And Magic went with them
For Magic loves the hungry

But Magic would not tarry
It moves from arm to arm
It would not stay with them
Magic is afoot
It cannot come to harm
It rests in an empty palm
It spawns in an empty mind
But Magic is no instrument
Magic is the end

Many men drove Magic
But Magic stayed behind
Many strong men lied
They only passed through Magic
And out the other side
Many weak men lied
They came to God in secret
And though they left him nourished
They would not say who healed
Though mountains danced before them
They said that God was dead
Though his shrouds were hoisted
The naked God did live

This I mean to whisper to my mind
This I mean to laugh with in my mind
This I mean my mind to serve ’til
Service is but Magic
Moving through the world
And mind itself is Magic
Coursing through the flesh
And flesh itself is Magic
Dancing on a clock
And time itself the magic length of God

Source: LyricFind

Songwriters: Buffy Sainte-Marie / Leonard Cohen

God Is Alive, Magic Is Afoot lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

Alphabet soup for the soul Vol.2 -“A”

Words from Walden

A is for Altruism

“Every man must decide whether he will walk in thelight of creative altruismor in the darkness of destructive selfishness.” – Martin Luther King Jr.-

Acts of kindness. Helping others without expecting anything in return. I believe this is inside the hearts of all humans and only fear, scarcity or lack can stop this innate desire.

‘Many hands make light work’ and ‘it takes a village’ are sayings that have been passed down since ancient times and still ring true today.

It is because theses maxims are not unique to a moment in history or a certain culture but apply to the entire species of humans. The same holds true for Altruism.

Our desire to help others is ingrained inside of every person on Earth, it is wired into our DNA. There is a reason it feels good to be kind to others.

Holding a door open…

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DIY Fire Cider

Ideas and Advice for How To Live a Joyful and Empowered Life.

Fire Cider is a traditional herbal remedy used to warm up the body during the cold months and support immunity during cold and flu season. Its striking blend of ginger, garlic, onion, horseradish, chilis and other herbs gives it a potent warming quality, while apple cider vinegar and honey give it a pleasant sweet-sour flavor. […]

DIY Fire Cider

DIY Herbal Bite and Sting Salve

Mixed Herbal Iced Tea for Health Benefits

Herbal Syrups For Health, Refreshing Ice Water and More!

I Made Calendula Viola Soda!

How to Make Oregano Tea and It’s Health Benefits

Nasturtiums Are Edible and Good for Hair Growth

Homemade Lilac Salve

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Ancient word of the day: Adder

Content Catnip

Snakes, serpents, vipers, adders – they all convey ancient power of life over death, of emerging in ones full power to take back what belongs to them, of transformation and return. A potent ancestral spirit and augur from the Land of the Dead.


The Adder Vipera berus is the only venomous snake in Britain.

Valiant, ephipanic and terrifying, snakes flare up and out of the earth, or from under leaf litter, or the dark waters of rivers, out of the darkness of the psyche.

But never met this Fellow

Attended or alone

Without a tighter breathing

And zero at the bone.

~A Narrow Fellow in the Grass, Emily Dickinson

The snake is a form for countless deities including Zeus, Apollo, Persephone, Hades, Isis, Kali, Shiva.

The underworld realm of the dead that snakes mythically inhabit is also the fecund ground from which new life emerges, a place of healing…

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What about Noah’s wife, and languages for empathy

Context, Critical Thinking, Continuous Learning: Project Do Better

This week’s Torah portion, called a Parashah, is the 2nd portion of the cycle, Parashat Noach and reminded me of a story I wrote, in a couple of different versions, a few years ago based on a question about some of those who stayed behind, in the Great Flood story. This image, btw, is an Islamic image of Noah’s Ark, which I found interesting.

Waves lapped at her breasts, the cold water raising goose bumps on her clammy chilled flesh. The matron shivered, lifting her head, drawing a deep breath from her belly, and pushing the words out with her diaphragm:

“Soon and very soon

we are going to see the King”

the others joined in, linking arms,

“Soon and very soon

we are going to see the King”

Was she seeing that right?

“What are they doing singing?!” tears stung her face as Naamah bellowed

“Get them in…

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