Stand Up for Jamaica adds its voice: Urgent, stop the work on San San now

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Further to my last blog post on the ongoing environmental destruction in East Portland, I am sharing below a press release from Stand Up for Jamaica (SUFJ). Like many other Jamaicans, they are shocked by the ongoing destruction of a relatively untouched beauty spot, which is dear to the hearts of many (both locals and visitors); and disturbed at the apparent lack of consultation with residents. In 2019, the new James Bond movie, which was subsequently delayed by the pandemic, was being filmed there! Much of the cast and crew stayed at Gee Jam, a hotel on the hillside just above the scenes of destruction now taking place. I wonder what they would say if they saw it now.

Another section of the destroyed hillsides, with seaside villas on the right.

And, by the way, family members living overseas, with whom we have spent happy times in this area…

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