Lucky Dip.

Tunes from the past… loving them


In the 60’s and 70’s I was most impressed with a Canadian Lady with a huge voice. Though many of her records did well , most were on LP (Long Player, kids) and could only be accessed that way. The song I'[m sharing with you was one of those and I’m sharing it because of the clarity of her voice. The other option would have been a lot of whale song. Allow me to present Judy Collins.

Judy Collins- The Patriot Game from Whales and Nightingales 1970

And now to 1967 and a young gentleman called Jeff Beck. I suspect many of you won’t have heard of him or the song but he was well known for his skills on the guitar,

Jeff Beck- Hi Ho Silver Lining 1967

Here’s a man who doesn’t need an introduction ,after the sacking of the original Drifters in 1958 they were replaced by…

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