Environmental destruction in San San, Portland, Jamaica: What a travesty

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There is a very beautiful area of Jamaica, often described as “lush,” which we have been visiting for around forty years or so now, in the eastern part of the island. It is in the parish of Portland. I have written, shared photos, brought family and friends to stay, spent many happy hours in the area. Every year, BirdLife Jamaica makes a pilgrimage to the area, enjoying a long weekend of birdwatching and companionship, and taking a dip in crystal-blue seas. The place has magic and mystery.

A Jamaican Tody, photographed by me during one of our excursions birdwatching in San San.

The main road is bumpy, narrow and pot-holed, and the surface certainly has been in need of repair for some years. In fact, a few years back I wrote about the neglectthe area in general has suffered for some years. The elite hide and enjoy themselves in…

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