A vida: uma decisão sua!

Vivaldi translation: Try to live. Be silent when your body cannot bear to speak, when your ears cannot hear, when all that remains is the doubt as to what it could have been if it were.

Look for you. Even if it is dark, there is still a road, there will always be a reason as long as you try. Learn that nothing is worth more than understanding your instances.

About your worst memory: It happened. Time is a justice that only you can apply when you decide to live anyway, even with the difficulties of something for which you have already wrongly blamed yourself.

Try it. Practice your verbs. Combine your emotions without the other having them in their entirety. He almost never knows how to be responsible. Take a deep breath. Life is still one day at a time.


Tente viver. Fique em silêncio quando seu corpo não suportar falar, quando seus ouvidos não souberem ouvir, quando tudo o que restar for a dúvida a respeito do que poderia ter sido se fosse.

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