Stand Up for Jamaica adds its voice: Urgent, stop the work on San San now

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Further to my last blog post on the ongoing environmental destruction in East Portland, I am sharing below a press release from Stand Up for Jamaica (SUFJ). Like many other Jamaicans, they are shocked by the ongoing destruction of a relatively untouched beauty spot, which is dear to the hearts of many (both locals and visitors); and disturbed at the apparent lack of consultation with residents. In 2019, the new James Bond movie, which was subsequently delayed by the pandemic, was being filmed there! Much of the cast and crew stayed at Gee Jam, a hotel on the hillside just above the scenes of destruction now taking place. I wonder what they would say if they saw it now.

Another section of the destroyed hillsides, with seaside villas on the right.

And, by the way, family members living overseas, with whom we have spent happy times in this area…

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Bat Brigade

Fascinating tale. My now-deceased father-in-law fought in what was then called Burma .

Weekend Stories by Trishikh

“Steady your breathing Naba. You are one with the forest. The jungle is an extension of you, an amplification of your senses. That which grows, creeps, crawls, and moves in it – you are aware of its presence. The night is your prowl and darkness your element,” whispered the ninety-year-old warrior Akoijam to his prodigy. War was in Naba’s blood. For generations, the stealthy fighters of his secret sect were selected from birth and trained to silently guard this region of the northeastern mountain frontier of the Indian subcontinent.

Sucking in the cold forest air of the Shirui Hills through his nostrils, stretching and filling his lungs to the maxim, Naba blew hard into his bamboo blowpipe. A needle-like poisoned wooden projective split through the pitch-black and deathly jungle night and lodged itself into the neck of a Japanese death squad soldier, who instantly fell to the ground and twitched…

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Lucky Dip.

Tunes from the past… loving them


In the 60’s and 70’s I was most impressed with a Canadian Lady with a huge voice. Though many of her records did well , most were on LP (Long Player, kids) and could only be accessed that way. The song I'[m sharing with you was one of those and I’m sharing it because of the clarity of her voice. The other option would have been a lot of whale song. Allow me to present Judy Collins.

Judy Collins- The Patriot Game from Whales and Nightingales 1970

And now to 1967 and a young gentleman called Jeff Beck. I suspect many of you won’t have heard of him or the song but he was well known for his skills on the guitar,

Jeff Beck- Hi Ho Silver Lining 1967

Here’s a man who doesn’t need an introduction ,after the sacking of the original Drifters in 1958 they were replaced by…

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53 Afghan evacuees, first group leaving war-torn country by air, arrive in Japan | The Japan Times

The Foreign Ministry said Saturday that 53 Afghan evacuees have arrived in Japan, the first group to depart the Taliban-ruled country for Japan by air, with help from Qatar, rather than by land which is deemed more dangerous.

The group — 27 of whom are Japanese Embassy staff members and their families, while the other 26 are workers of the Japan International Cooperation Agency and their families — landed at Narita Airport in Chiba Prefecture on Friday night via Doha, by means of a commercial plane arranged by Qatar at the request of Japan.

The 53 Afghans arrived in Doha earlier this month and the Japanese government helped with visa issuance and air tickets, according to the ministry.

They are now quarantining after coronavirus testing.

Japan plans to assist some 500 Afghans who were embassy staff or government affiliates and their families in leaving the war-torn country.

Source: 53 Afghan evacuees, first group leaving war-torn country by air, arrive in Japan | The Japan Times

A vida: uma decisão sua!

Vivaldi translation: Try to live. Be silent when your body cannot bear to speak, when your ears cannot hear, when all that remains is the doubt as to what it could have been if it were.

Look for you. Even if it is dark, there is still a road, there will always be a reason as long as you try. Learn that nothing is worth more than understanding your instances.

About your worst memory: It happened. Time is a justice that only you can apply when you decide to live anyway, even with the difficulties of something for which you have already wrongly blamed yourself.

Try it. Practice your verbs. Combine your emotions without the other having them in their entirety. He almost never knows how to be responsible. Take a deep breath. Life is still one day at a time.


Tente viver. Fique em silêncio quando seu corpo não suportar falar, quando seus ouvidos não souberem ouvir, quando tudo o que restar for a dúvida a respeito do que poderia ter sido se fosse.

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Las diferencias

Santiago Galicia Rojon Serrallonga


Derechos reservados conforme a la ley/ Copyright

Paseaba el filósofo con su hijo, aquella mañana, en la campiña, mientras le hablaba acerca de la ambición desmedida y la rapacidad humana. Le explicaba que en en mundo coexisten seres humanos capaces de aniquilar gente, árboles, plantas y animales, a cambio de obtener ganancias y acumular fortunas. La codicia no se identifica con el bien. Inesperadamente, el niño preguntó a su padre la diferencia entre una persona depredadora, en cualquiera de sus niveles, y un artista. El filósofo suspiró profundamente, sonrió y explicó al pequeño que mientras un depredador arrebata lo que pertenece a otra gente y destruye y aniquila con la intención de obtener riqueza y poder que utiliza para sus propósitos egoístas y crueles, el artista -escritor, músico, pintor, escultor- emula a Dios y crea, aporta lo más excelso de su ser, trae y añade pedazos…

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A indiferença é o cancro que corrói a virtude do ser humano

Vivaldi translation of title: Indifference is cancer that erodes human virtue comigo!

Pode uma pessoa achar que ela é melhor do que a outra? Veja, na natureza um animal forte mata um menor por questão de sobrevivência. Tá certo isso? Se você respeitar a cadeia alimentar, sim. Mas, também há uma regra que o animal maior já decidiu no seu interior. Qual é essa regra? A de que ele é melhor, portanto, merece viver.

Você não entendeu porque estou ilustrando esse exemplo. Mas, estou chamando atenção para um detalhe que é a natureza negativa do animal. Ele pode comer qualquer coisa; não precisa ser um animal especifico. Ele mata porque se sente o melhor, portanto merece viver, enquanto na sua forma de pensar, o outro não, entende? Acontece isso conosco? Sem duvida. Eu posso olhar pra você com uma certa ironia e dizer que me sinto melhor do que você por ter uma condição de vida que me deixa viver numa situação…

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How to Turn Any eBook Into an Audiobook

The app we’re using is called “NaturalReader.” It’s available for the iPhoneiPad, and Android devices. The app is completely free. For the best experience, you’ll want to sign up for an account. You can easily do so with a Google account or Apple ID.

Lastly, you will need an eBook of some sort. The app we’re using supports a wide variety of file types, including EPUB, MOBI, and PDF. NaturalReader cannot read DRM-protected eBooks from iBooks, Kindle, Nook, or Adobe OverDrive.

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How to Listen to Any eBook

First, install the NaturalReader app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. The first thing we’ll do is select a voice. There are free and paid voices to choose from, pick one and tap “Next.”

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