Thoughtful Thursdays, Stayed on Freedom’s Call page 32, and Racial Justice

Critical thinking for Human Community

It is crucial that we each help our society to become more fully inclusive for all of us today, and to come and work together, for all of us, right?  


I believe that attention to shared histories, as in DC, may provide part of an answer.  I started a note about that, a few years ago, in my book Stayed on Freedom’s Call:

” … Racial Justice Initiative (RJI)
“…ending violence against our own values as a nation.” -Dr. Edgar Cahn

The Racial Justice Initiative (RJI) came about in 2008 as a result of the work with Time Banks USA. Funding for Time Banks had led to the formation of many middle class Time Banks in small towns and enclaves of larger towns, which were Time Banks mostly of the individual or person to person category.

This highlighted the problems the author noted as a member of the…

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