Love & Marriage| ازدواج وعشق

A Voice from Iran

“93rd story”

First published: May.30.2019


Abas asked his father: “What is the difference between love and marriage?”


His father’s phone rang at the same time and the question stayed unanswered.


The next day his father handed an old, antique book to Abas.

Abas said: “This is a very valuable book; I promise that I will take good care of it.”


Abas later put the treasured book on a special place in his bookcase to store it.

A few days later his father was reading a newspaper, when he put it down Abas picked the paper up to read it.


His father said: “This newspaper belongs to the neighbour, I borrowed it for today only. I have to return it this afternoon.”Abas read the important parts of the paper fast and made sure he didn’t miss anything.


When Abas was reading fast and paying attention to the paper, his father…

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