Curry Chowder

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When I was working in LA, I loved eating soup as my lunch. Warm creamy soup with a side of crunchy bread was the best combination, and every time I brought a spoonful of soup into my mouth, I realized how come soup is called comfort food. After I moved to Seattle, soup became my best friend in lunch or dinner because Seattle is such a cool breezing place in the far north. Tomato soup, onion gratin soup, vegetable soup, chowder…mmm, I think I can eat them 365 days in a row! 

So today, as I’m missing my besties in Seattle, I make some soup for my lunch. Corn or potato chowder are also good, but I want something spicy so let’s sprinkle curry powder in my chowder! 

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Curry Chowder

curry chowder

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