Yanomami and Trees – Gold Mining and Gold Luxury items / COVID-19 propagated by Gold Miners « No – Pas de Cartier ! » – The Exhibition is prolonged now through next year until 4 December 2022

Barbara Crane Navarro

Performance: Fire Sculpture, La Miroiterie, Paris, France – 2006: Barbara Crane Navarro

«The Yanomami shamans who fight thexawaraepidemic see the disease’s image appear in the form of strips of scarlet fabric. Thexawaraepidemic is approaching and its smoke is glowing red! It is making the sky become ghost and is devouring all the human beings in its path! It must be driven away!»

– Davi Kopenawa, Yanomami spokesman and shaman, Roraima, Brazil from his book «The Falling Sky»

«Yanomami shamans struggle againstxawara– smoke of epidemics»
installation – mixed media
Barbara Crane Navarro

Shamans in the Alto Orinoco region of Amazonas, Venezuela, describedoru a wakëxi –the gold smoke – to me in these terms decades before I read Davi’s words. Dreaming in my hammock in the Yanomami collective house, the shabono, I saw the totemic sculpture I would later create when I returned to…

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