Wondering Wednesdays, Baby Floors, Chapter 5: Section II, The Vision

Critical thinking for Human Community

This post finishes the rough draft of  Chapter 5 for my non-fiction WiP, Baby Floors.  

Putting a floor on poverty so that each and every baby born can have a safe childhood.

    I am nearly done editing this draft, to complete my “shitty first draft,” as Stephen King would say, so bear with me, and I hope that the outline marks are interesting for those following the writing process.


Once again, by way of disclaimer, the overall goal is now to explain why we need both equ. + justice, & why in 4 phases.  This chapter is part of showing what Phases I-IV could look like as potential roadmap for a fully inclusive society for all of us.  This vision is laid out in the hope that All HumanKind  will eventually have each person’s basic needs  met, without taking anything from anyone, and without violence, intimidation, nor coercion…

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