Ginger Salt Fried Noodle

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Happy National Noodle day! Did you know, today 10/06 is the day for those who love noodles! So who’s a noodle lover here? It’s a day for you!

I love all kinds of noodles. Soup noodles, fried noodles, noodle salad, pasta…there are so many and each noodle from every cuisine is so unique and delicious! While I “think” pasta appears the most on my dining table, today I’d like to celebrate National Noodle Day with fried noodles. 

As fried noodles, rich, brown sauce flavor comes the most popular way to season, but sometimes people want them to be light. But, it doesn’t mean the flavor doesn’t have depth. We can still use herbs and spices to make it flavorful, and this is how I did. 

Ready to check how to cook? Here we go!

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Ginger Salt Fried Noodle

ginger salt fried noodle

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