Curry Bun

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Happy National Curry Week! Did you know, we’re in the special week to enjoy spicy yummy oh-everyone-loves food: curry! 

Ever since I’ve been interested in baking bread from scratch, my dinner buddy always insists that I make some curry buns. 

For those who aren’t familiar with curry buns, here is a basic info of what they are. 

Curry buns are very popular items from Japanese bakeries. It’s a type of fried bread and the filling is curry flavored, usually keema type with beef. Even though the dough is chewy, the outside of the curry bun is coated with bread crumbs, so when you bite into it they give you a fun texture of crunchiness. Since it’s fried, some bakeries call them curry donuts. They are served hot, so a lot of bakeries store them in special containers beside the cashier. 

This is how I learned what a curry bun is…

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