El tiempo es idéntico en ustedes y en nosotros, dijo el pordiosero a los magnates


Santiago Galicia Rojon Serrallonga


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Su colección de relojes valía una fortuna. Eran modelos elegantes y finos. Los había de oro, con incrustaciones de diamantes y de todas las piedras y de los metales preciosos más caros y selectos. Él y ella recibían catálogos de las relojerías de mayor prestigio en el mundo; además, los agentes que reresentaban las compañías de renombre, los buscaban con la intención de presentarles las novedades y los diseños exclusivos. La gente, en aquella ciudad, reconocía la fama de ambos personajes, quienes, por cierto, eran admirados públicamente por la distinción de los relojes que portaban. Una mañana, un pordiosero de los tantos que deambulaban en las calles de aquella ciudad, de cabello desordenado y mirada extraviada, aprovechó un descuido del personal de seguridad con el objetivo de acercarse al “matrimonio de los relojes”, como se les conocía popularmente, a…

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In questionable arrests, Texas prosecutor drops migrants’ trespassing cases | The Texas Tribune

Source: In questionable arrests, Texas prosecutor drops migrants’ trespassing cases | The Texas Tribune

The singular case of the world: The vaccination regime in Italy …

° BLOG ° Gabriele Romano

Mario Draghi, current president of the Italian Council (since February 2021) and former president of the European central bank.

At the moment in Italy there are 49 million inhabitants (crica) who have completed the vaccination cycle with the two doses which corresponds to 79.38% of the population over 12. A percentage certainly not low but not high, considering that in Italy it was imposed the mandatory vaccine. Or rather, the mandatory green pass has been imposed as a ploy to encourage people to vaccinate. In reality, however, this incentive is an obligation because the green pass acquired with the swab in practice cannot be applied every day, both for an economic and practical reason.
Who does not have the green pass is suspended from work.
At the moment the only two countries that have adopted this policy are Italy and Saudi Arabia.
Understanding why it has come to this point…

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How we Benefit when we say Yes To A Green Future?


We are saying yes to a green future when we begin telling our children about climate solutions

They will be prepared to do more reducing, reusing, recycling, renovating and make great contributions

Children can become the change we want to see when we give them the correct information

If parents become more aware of the need for environmental education

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The linear economic model has caused us to destroy our environment

We should change what we are doing, we all should make a commitment

We can do more to help children to get ready to face a green future one day

As it is good for everyone to try sending the environmental crisis away

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

We should spread the word about the changes we need to make

And we should never allow the children to make the same old mistakes

We can…

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Anti-vaccine protesters tear down COVID-19 testing site in New York City | TheHill

“Look, here’s my message to all of the mayors of America, here’s my message to all of the governors of America: Put these mandates in place. Put these incentives in place,” he said. “They work. Do it now. Save lives and ultimately save this country from a longer crisis that could hold us down for months or even years.”

Vaccine mandates have been put in place all around the country in businesses and schools, and President Biden announced a new rule last month to be issued through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration that would require all businesses with 100 employees or more to mandate vaccines or frequent testing.

Source: Anti-vaccine protesters tear down COVID-19 testing site in New York City | TheHill

In honor ❣


We can never really know a person because people are like clothes , they can change according to the weather . But what doesn’t change is SOUL . Soul remains forever.

Time flies and so do people. But something thats real , never walks away . There comes a time when people part away for months , years but consistency and reassuarance paves way and returns them to whom they were holding once.

Its fun to be around somebody with whom you can even enjoy the silence , knowing that your life is so much better , happier – just because they EXIST❣. No matter , how sad their world may be , they will still show up for you, love you and smile.

In these ordinary to extraordinary time , where its hard to find people who are driven to extreme height of madness, love the loudest , the…

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