Minbari Mondays, Soul Mates, and, Things Are Not Always as They Seem…

Critical thinking for Human Community

This week, Ranger Mayann did not send a report, so this 8th episode (in original, not viewing, order) of season 2, will again be from my point of view, rather than from the Minbari point of view:

   I love the way this episode highlights the fact (much like many of the Harry Potter books, too) that things really are not always as they appear to be:

1.)   more institutional abuse,   and yes, Neatnik, “be afraid, be very afraid” of the Corps,


2.)  also be a little afraid of Londo Mollari, or very afraid, when he starts wearing blue…

  In this episode, we see a rather humiliated Ambassador Delenn.  A bad hair day is not ok for the Minbari.


      May we all learn to look past appearances, and keep those who tell us the truth in our lives.


Neatnik’s review of this episode has more…

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