WARE Collective’s Virtual Art Auction to support Jamaica’s unique architectural heritage

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For me, there is a strong connection between preserving and protecting our cultural traditions and history and environmental conservation. In Jamaica, we are not very good at either. One example is the continued deterioration of the Vale Royal building in St. Andrew, which is the responsibility of the Office of the Prime Minister. The late Prime Minister Edward Seaga, who once lived there, must be turning in his grave at its deplorable state.

Since COVID-19 started to eat into Jamaica’s budget, there is “no money” for such matters; it seems that we can do without those things that make us feel good about our island and its heritage. No matter. We like new things: new highways, new apartment blocks, even new trees and mangroves!

A traditional Spanish Wall house in St. Elizabeth (Photo: WARE Collective)

So, if you feel, as I do, that Jamaica’s cultural heritage is actually still rather…

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