Why is it taking so long to investigate the cutting of a Rastafarian’s dreadlocks by the police?

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The alleged cutting of a Rastafarian woman’s dreadlocks by the police on July 22, 2021 caused a huge wave of outrage on Jamaican social media. I wrote about the case here for Global Voices.

Well, once the storm of outrage had died down – and other news items and new “things to be shocked about” replaced it (the normal behavior of Jamaican netizens)… What happened? It has gone rather quiet. The recently formed Advocates Network has something to say about this. One hopes that the media will follow up on this, also. Meanwhile, we wait…and wait. However, inequity (perceived or otherwise) persists.

Citizens Demand Accountability!

Kingston, Jamaica. September 29, 2021: It is OUTRAGEOUS that after more than two months, the allegation of a police officer cutting off the locks of Ms. Nzinga King on July 22, 2021 while she was in custody is still unresolved. Neither her family…

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