feel free, and just be…

Develop. Inspire. Transform.

the tree grows taller, and
sometimes I feel smaller
than life as it manifests before me

moments like these
come and go, we know,
and yet, as they arise,
we continually strive…

to know
the answers, yet,
will we remember to abide…

of fighting
against the current
we feel inside, let it subside

and know,

this energy
will carry us
our final destination, a ride
for the ages

are we not all sages?

I know not, yet
won’t let the conversation
drop, because

it’s not
about dropping,
or stopping, more learning

to love

more than your heart
has ever known
the capacity for…becoming

like the flowers,
and the trees, did
you know they speak of thee…

every day, watching
as we run around
limiting what we see,
within this dream

yet, we speak, and, they see
instead, maybe,
feel free, and just be…

Photo by Léonard Cotte

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