Birds from Walden Woodpecker

Words from Walden

Woodpeckers , even without being seen they are one of the most identifiable birds from the sounds they make.

The woodpecker loves the forested areas for hollowing out trees.

The Woodpecker is another beautiful, rare and unique bird.

These birds do not get headaches. Nature has designed the biology of a woodpecker so that the back of their tongue wraps around their brain, thus preventing concussions.

Seen throughout the year at Walden pond the woodpecker loves to peck-wood.

This bird comes in many different colors and patterns. Some have red heads and a red stripe that goes down the back of their necks while other just have red on the head.

Some have a cascading black and white wavy pattern while others have black spots over a white coat.

They all have a long hard beak which allows for constant penetration of dead wood.

There are many types that can…

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