The DEATH of NATURE – Gold and Diamond Merchandise – The ART of Greenwashing by the Luxury Merchants of the Death of Nature and Indigenous Peoples…in their own words…  updated 2021

Barbara Crane Navarro

Photo montage: ”Pas de Cartier” series – Barbara Crane Navarro – with advertisement for Cartier, photo of gold mining site in indigenous territory by João Laet and Cartier® LOVE gold ring

In Thomas More’s “Utopia,” published in 1516, gold and precious stones have no value. Indeed, they carry the weight of blood, slavery and human madness …

“Their True Nature #1- Cartier Foundation
photos: Fondation Cartier – Luc Boegly / gold mining site – João Laet
photo of Yanomami, Alto Orinoco, Amazonas, Venezuela and photomontage – Barbara Crane Navarro

The Art of Manipulation:

The corporate contrivanceof art sponsorship was so perfectly described in 1994 by Hans Haacke in “Free Exchange”, the book by Pierre Bourdieu and Hans Haacke, that I’m quoting here from the English version published by Polity Press in 1995: “One would underestimate the Venice Biennale if one were to think that it is only concerned…

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