Stir-Fried Dried Radish

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Happy World Vegetarian Day & Sake Day! 

Did you know, today 10/01 is the day to appreciate plant-based food and also to get a little drunk! 

This year, I’d like to talk about Japanese food to celebrate the two celebrational days all at once with this yummy veg: Dried Radish. 

In Japanese language, they are called 切り干し大根(Kiri-Boshi-Daikon.)

Kiri means cut, b(h)oshi means dried, and usually the way we cook is simmered with Japanese traditional seasoning combination: soy sauce, sugar, sake! They are traditional Japanese dish and sometimes people consider them as granny’s food, but when you grow older enough to feel the delicate, versatile flavor, you’ll crave them for a while.  

Want to try Japanese traditional food that is also vegetarian/vegan friendly AND goes great with sake? Here is how! 

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Stir-Fried Dried Radish

kiriboshi daikon

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