Listen…to the story

Truth and reconciliation comes when the abuser or oppressor faces the abused or oppressed and answers the questions of those who were abused or oppressed. That was the process in South Africa.


Many tragic stories were told yesterday, the first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation in the land called Canada. Although rooted in tragedy, it felt like the time has come to begin to bring these stories into the light. A sense of relief, in a way, that these deeply buried traumas are being told. Yet also triggering grief as these memories are revisited. Telling and listening to these stories are the truth part of truth and reconciliation.

People can be transformed by being open and human. We believe that people have a need to be heard, but how they are heard really matters – if they take the risk of telling their story, it needs to make a difference.

Denise Altvater

And yesterday was Orange Shirt Day. The following is from my friends of the Great Plains Action Society.

My friend Lucy Duncan wrote the following years ago, on the…

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