10 Interesting Things I Found on the Internet #55

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You know how sometimes you feel like the internet weighs a thousand tonnes and you have to exfoliate well in the shower to slough off all of the dirt and gross stuff? Well think of this website as your shower, me as your fellow shower-sharer and the words and visuals here as the loofah and body mask that you will lather over yourself. I hope you enjoy this week’s cleansing shower of interesting things.

A tiny porcupine named Kemosabe eats watermelon

For those wondering what porcupines sound like, here’s a clip of a smol porcupine called Kemosabe chomping on a piece of banana

Translations of the word “porcupine” for #WorldPorcupineDay

5. Ystervark (Afrikaans) = iron pig
4. Jeżozwierz (Polish) = hedgehog beast
3. Дикобраз (Russian) = wild image
2. Dahsání (Navajo) = old one up a tree
1. 豪豬 (Mandarin) = heroic hog

This is Kemosabe responding to having his…

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