Whistler woman handed $60,000 in fines for regularly feeding bears | Globalnews.ca (Me: I love bears but “feeding” them is dumb for bears and people)

Investigators determined she had been feeding bears throughout the summer, buying bulk produce — including “up to 10 cases of apples, 50 pounds of carrots and up to 15 dozen eggs” on a weekly basis, according to the B.C. COS. Source: Whistler woman handed $60,000 in fines for regularly feeding bears | Globalnews.ca

O lugar aonde me sinto bem

Pensamentos.me/VEM comigo!

Você já se perguntou qual é o lugar aonde se sente bem? Quando eu faço essa pergunta, a resposta não precisa ser um espaço geográfico. Não, ela pode ser o lugar aonde caiba todos os seus sentimentos e emoções.

Há pessoas que levam a vida inteira a procura de um lugar melhor para viver, um emprego onde possa ganhar mais, ter uma casa ampla. Gente eu estou falando de situações que talvez para muitas pessoas faça sentido. Mas o que estou tento chamar atenção é: hoje, digo ” no momento atual da sua vida” aonde você se encaixa? Que parte do universo ou da vida, você sente que está completo? Quando nós compreendemos que a felicidade não reside na possibilidade de fazer ” isso ou aquilo” no momento oportuno, a gente vive em paz como nós mesmos.

A grade sabedoria popular nos ensina que ‘do pouco se faz o muito…

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(45) Making Guitars On Taos Mesa – YouTube

Patch Rubin of Wide Sky Guitars has built a legendary following by hand-crafting acoustic and electric guitars in his studio on Taos Mesa in New Mexico. Following a varied career of performance, jewelry making, welding, carpentry, and custom furniture making, Rubin decided to build a guitar and hasn’t looked back since. Today, Gary Clark Junior, Thom Yorke, Billie Joe Armstrong, Jeff Tweedy, John Doei, Gregory Alan Isakov, and Marc Ford are among the musicians whom Rubin has built guitars for.

Newly discovered biomarker predicts COVID-19 death days in advance

Researchers from The Mount Sinai Hospital have found changes to electrical activity in the heart can help predict which hospitalized COVID-19 patients are more likely to decline and die. The biomarker is easily measurable and potentially predicts death several days in advance.

When hospitals are overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients it can be challenging for doctors to work out where to best focus their limited attention and resources. A number of blood-based biomarkers have been found to help assess those patients most at risk of severe disease decline.

Source: Newly discovered biomarker predicts COVID-19 death days in advance

Enteros y fracciones en el amor

Santiago Galicia Rojon Serrallonga


Derechos reservados conforme a la ley/ Copyright

El amor, el amor… es un entero que incluye la presencia de uno y de alguien más… El amor es el poema, la rima, el canto, la letra de una historia inolvidable y maravillosa, el delirio de una existencia y de otra. Es un entero dentro de las matemáticas y la trama de la vida. Es parece, el acto y el lenguaje de Dios, y viene de su esencia, de sus motivos, de sus detalles. No obstante, en la hora contemporánea, abundan hombres y mujeres, aquí y allá, en innumerables rincones del mundo, que, hechizados por el encanto de las superficialidades y su hondo vacío, han fraccionado y cuadriculado el amor. Ya segmentado, lo que llaman amor, en el mercado de ofertas, se desdeña o se remata, al grado de que algunos están con las personas por el dinero…

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Sea Level Rise and the Changes that are Already Made


As Sea level rises and coastal areas are being reclaimed by the oceans

House boats are already being built to combat the problem, and people are adjusting to the situation

It is said that the floating homes in the Netherlands have become a new way to manage life on top of the water

There are bases that are anchored to the sea floor, and many buildings have risen up after

If climate change continues to progress, there are plans for under water buildings and trains

The architects who are designing these buildings have a lot to gain

The destruction caused by humans has caused challenges and the solutions might be hard to maintain

How will we work underwater and what will happen to the floating buildings when there are terrible weather events and there is a lot of rain

Photo by GEORGE DESIPRIS on Pexels.com

Planting crops and shopping will…

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Art is everywhere!

De malinha pronta

I have my own rules, so street art comes on Sunday. Don’t ask me why. It’s just the way it is. Some rules are made to be broken. And this one is one of them. I couldn’t wait! The week has been long and exhausting. I was counting the minutes to get home. Literally. And then… I saw it!
A huge wall painted with colourful flowers and fearless animals. Who could have guessed? In a parking lot. Yes, in the garden supply store car park. And I don’t even have a house with a garden. I live in an apartment with a tiny little balcony. I presume my eyes (well, my left eye) was meant to see this beauty just before the week ends.
I must thank my son because every Friday he goes to kayak and I pick him up before the sun sets. Usually, the meeting place is…

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